Welcome to the new Central New York Ski Patrol web site. The objective of this site is to provide the CNY members with a single source for news, information, events and links.

A note from Leadership:

Registration - The new system is a single payer system. This means that the indiividual patroller will be able to go on line and pay with a credit card. They wukk ve able to print a receipt and their member card. No more waiting for your card to arrive late in the season.

  • On or about July 6th the patrol directors will have access to their respective rosters online.
  • They will review the roater and check off all the patrollers invited back.
  • PD will submit the roster to National where all of the National/Division/Reqion dues are already calculatedd for the patroller to "purchase".
    • Any other local dues or subscriptions are not calculated and will be collected locally.
    • Patrollers who complete the process will recieve a registration email.
  • This by itself does not validate a patroller in good standing, Patrollers MUST
    • Complete the OEC, CPR and OET for the current season

Schedule Updates - OEC Refresher schedule 2016

2016- 2017
Patrol Date Time Location Instructor Of Record Contact Person Type Of Refresher  Regular vs Hybrid
Greek 10/15/2016 {8 hr}    10/16/2016  {4hr} 8:00 AM     Sharp! Greek Peak Marsha Powell                      (607) 835-6762                                   powellm@tc3.edu Mark Whitmore                  mark.whitmore@cornell.edu Regular
Labrador 10/8/2016 8:00 AM Labrador Kathleen Reed            kdreed@att.net Kathleen Reed                   (315) 708 4362(cell)            kdreed@att.net Hybrid
McCauley 10/8/2016 8:00 AM McCauley Brian Bamberger                   (315) 440-4266                bbamberger@live.com Brian Bamberger                   (315) 440-4266                bbamberger@live.com Regular
Snow Ridge 10/22/2016 7:30 - 8:00 Registration  8:05 Sharp Snow Ridge                     Wax House Turin NY Ron Gingerich            gingerich@northnet.org Ron Gingerich            gingerich@northnet.org Regular
Song 9/24/2016 8:00 AM Song Mountain Mark Procopio                                  (315) 391-8325(cell)                       procopmj@gmail.com Joe Procopio                    (315) 652-8191                jjprocopio@gmail.com Regular
Toggenburg 10/30/2016 8:00 AM Toggenburg Cindy Hoalcraft               clhoalcr@syr.edu Cindy Hoalcraft               clhoalcr@syr.edu Regular
Watertown 10/1/2016 8:00 AM Dry Hill Mark Maitag            mark.maitag@gmail.com Mark Maitag            mark.maitag@gmail.com Regular
Woods Valley 9/10/2016 8:00 AM     Sharp! Woods Valley John Wood                         spectre3588@hotmail.com         (315) 794-9699 John Wood                         spectre3588@hotmail.com         (315) 794-9699 Regular

Regional Senior Program Details  -  OEC T/E Program Update

CNY Region NSP will be holding a SR OEC T/E Class on August 14, 2016 , in Skaneatleles, NY. This course will be put on by the Eastern Division Assistant Supervisor, Mike Lord. This course will be for potential OEC T/E's and a refresher, as it must be updated every three years.


  1. You must have your "instructor status" valid
  2. You must have passed the "Sr OEC test" and must be a valid Sr. OEC

Once this course is completed the Sr OEC Candidate is required to instruct a minimum of five (5) SR OEC Clinics and or final test. To obtain the SR OEC T/E status, signoff is required by Tom Hughes, Regional OEC Administrator.

 Course Information: Pre-registration is required by contacting Peter Adams at 315-246-9367 / 315-253-8461

SAVES Ambulance building - conference room

9am - 4pm Sunday August 14, 2016 - lunch included

26 Fennell Street

Skaneateles, NY 13021





Division Patrol News:

Greek Peak will be offering a candidate OEC class this fall. First class is July 31.