Welcome to the new Central New York Ski Patrol web site. The objective of this site is to provide the CNY members with a single source for news, information, events and links.

A note from Leadership:

National Board Rep Elections

National Board Rep Elections starts October 15th. Each year you have the opportunity to vote for the NSP National Board of Representatives. This year 12 candidates are running for four open positions. It's important that every patroller participate in this election each year.  You can read the platforms and biographies of each candidate on the NSP website. Be an educated voter and a responsible patroller. 

Mountain Travel Rescue - Check the schedule for details - scheduled for Nov 21 and 22

Attendees taking Mountain Travel and Rescue (MTR) courses will learn a variety of skills, including nutrition and how the body performs in a wilderness environment, weather patterns, survival skills, working with group dynamics, an introduction to search and rescue, rope rescue skills, improvised toboggan construction, and land navigation with map, compass, and GPS. The MTR courses are taught in classroom and field sessions, including mock scenarios to ensure the attendees can apply what they have learned to real life situations.
NSP released its new Mountain Travel and Rescue Manual in fall 2012.The book is published by The Mountaineers Books, and is also available at Amazon.com and many outdoor stores like REI. An addendum has been created, which can be downloaded here.

Regional Senior Program Details

The Senior Patroller program is a national continuing education program in which Patrollers can enhance their skills in managing emergency scenarios, toboggan handling and personal skiing. This course also prepares Patrollers for leadership positions within the NSP. The program consists of core and elective components relative to Alpine, and Nordic Patrollers. The program is administered at the Division level and recorded by NSP.
To get more details on the program - http://nspeast.weebly.com/senior
Ski and Tobaggan (S&T) and Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Senior schedules are listed on this page.
The first step is to download the form, fill it out and send it to the regional leaders for the appropriate program - forms at http://nspeast.weebly.com/forms.html



Greek Peak Ski Patrol is looking to expand their patrol:

Greek Peak Ski Patrol is looking for a new class of candidates.  If you are interested in learning basic emergency care, improving your skiing, and joining a group of avid skiers, contact  skipatrol@greekpeakmtnresort.com with a request for an application and details.