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Great News Everyone - OEC 2015/16 Refresher Schedule

Details can be here

Patrol Date Time
Greek 10/17 7:30 AM
Labrador 10/03 8:00 AM
McCauley 10/10 8:00 AM
Snow Ridge 10/10 7:30 AM
Song 09/26 8:00 AM
Toggenburg 10/25 7:30 AM
Watertown/Dry Hill 10/03 8:00 AM
Woods Valley 09/12 8:00 AM


Greek Peak Ski Patrol Supports move towards Summer Patrol

Greek Peak is carving out three brand new Downhill Mountain Biking trails on the mountain as well as a "Family Friendly" Trail. We will be having a "soft opening" of the first of these new trails, the Green and Blue Courses, just in time for the 4th of July! The Visions Express Quad Lift will be available to bring riders and their mountain bikes to the top of the mountain.

Latest Greek Peak Mountain Biking Information